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Cleaner, Greener, & Economical Building Solutions
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.
Our mission: To provide commercial lighting solutions that can replace and outperform existing lighting needs in life, durability, energy savings, while meeting today’s energy codes. We approach each project individually, working closely with facility mangers, and sustainability decision makers to provide the correct LED lighting solution, or lighting sensor that specific project/ building.
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led lighting
LED, sometimes referred to as Solid State Lighting ( SSL), is the most energy advantageous, robust, and “Green” lighting available today. When chosen correctly LED can provide an energy efficient and long lasting alternative to your existing lighting. Justifying replacing your existing lighting can be difficult but with our expertise you'll realize LED lighting value is that it has a constant ROI through both energy and maintenance savings that have been unattainable with previous technologies.
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Advantages of LED lights
Learn about the advantages of LED lights as an economical, and green solution for your commercial, industrial, institutional or municipal needs
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We are dedicated to our mission to a brighter, and energy efficient future lit by LED (solid state lighting) in our towns, cities, both interior and exterior. We do not assert that the LEDs we represent are the only great ones available. However our promise to you: If Vanguard endorses it, it has to be great.

We remove the “LED Mystification” and “Light Emitting Disillusionment” by specifying / providing only quality solid state lighting products, with the warranties, independent certification of claims, while providing customer service to back them up.

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Take the guess work out of LED Lighting. Vanguard can help you evaluate the total costs as well as ROI on your project.
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