New Look for LED bulbs

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New Look for LED bulbs

As we have all heard LED lights are far more efficient than traditional incandescent lights.  One of the obstacles is that they look different than the bulbs that we are accustomed to. Philips, one of the leaders in LED manufacturing, has just launched a new clear LED bulb that features the traditional light bulb shape and look, but with the efficiency benefits of modern offerings. Philips also designed its clear LED to keep the traditional bulb shape, and keeping the lighting we expect from traditional filament bulbs.  At the same time, so...

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Light Bulb wars are still on with Glen Beck leading the charge

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Glen Beck vows to Fire Employees for buying Fluorescent Bulbs…   Below is an excerpt from “The light bulb wars are still on apparently. Glenn Beck,  vowed on a recent show to fire any employee for buying fluorescent bulbs. “I am dead serious,” he said, admittedly while laughing. “I fire the person that starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs unless that is the only light bulb for a specific reasons and I want to be CC’ed on what that reason is.” The light bulb wars got started in 2007 when President...

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LED lights light up the Mona Lisa

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TOSHIBA LEDs now illuminate the face of Mona Lisa, as a collaboration with the musée du Louvre see a new lighting technology installed in the interior of the museum. LED lights are now shining on the Mona Lisa display, as well as other displays in the Red Room of the museum. The musée du Louvre and Toshiba have maintained a partnership agreement since June 2010. Toshiba has for far renovated lighting of the Pyramid, the Pyramidions and the Pavillon Colbert (December 2011) and the Cour Napoleon (May 2012). The renovations have significantly...

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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day – For most it is a three-day weekend, filled with bar-b-que’s and picnics . . . A time to get away from the normal humdrum of the week. For other’s it’s the beginning of summer, a time to look towards the long lazy days and a time to plan your summer get-a-ways. Though for some, Memorial Day holds a special significance. On May 5, 1868, an order issued by General John Logan established a day of remembrance for those soldiers who died during the Civil War. May 30, 1868, was the day designated for this observance and flowers...

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75 Watt Incandescent Light goes bye-bye

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As of January 1, 2013 the 75 watt light bulb that is used mostly in residences will be banned.  What does this mean? The 75 watt bulbs will no longer be manufactured or imported to the US.  You may still be able to purchase whatever inventory is already here however once the supply is gone you will need to change your light to a more energy efficient light. Back in 2007 US Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act the reason for the Act was to eliminate inefficient energy sources like the incandescent bulb and slowly...

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Airports in Tulsa go LED producing big savings

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At Tulsa International Airport and Jones Riverside Airport, energy conservation investments are producing major payoffs, airport and utility executives said. The budgeted electrical bill at the two airports for the 2013 fiscal year, which began July 1 and concludes June 30, is $1.14 million, said Jeff Hough, deputy airports director of engineering and facilities. “Throughout the years, we have looked for ways to save energy,” Hough said. “Even in the middle of the night, we have custodians working and building maintenance...

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Lighitng up your world “Out with the old, in with the new”

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“Out with the old, in with the new”, this seems to be the story when it comes to replacing the traditional incandescent bulb with LEDs. However confusing it may all seem now that we don’t purchase lights by the subjective label; soft, bright, and cool, but by color temperature and lumens.  You’ll want to be properly informed before you make any kind of change.  So the question is:  just how easy is it to switch to LEDs and what are the benefits? Look no further. I’m sure if Thomas Edison himself were alive today, he’d be...

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The world is using a lot of energy (and money) on inefficient lights.

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If we take a look at the US, 5% of the total energy consumption in the US is used to light up people’s homes. This means that half of all the energy generated by renewable sources in the US (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biofuels) goes to lighting up people’s homes. Commercial business such as stores, schools and businesses spend a massive 38% of electricity bills on lighting while US households are also spending a lot of money on lighting. 11% of household electricity bills are made up of lighting costs. The world is using a...

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Auto dealerships see the light

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Auto dealers are now finding out that changing their current outdoor lighting to LED saves money while showcasing their cars. Sid Barron of Lexus South Atlanta explained that “With a car dealership, you facility is essentially your drive-by-billboard at night.  Piquing people’s interest depends on displaying your millions of dollars of inventory well, and lighting makes a huge difference” Bernie Moreno president of The Collection Auto Group in Northern Ohio, explained his reasoning for converting to LED “Lighting to a car dealership...

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What are Greenhouse gases

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What are Greenhouse gases? Naturally forming chemical compounds found in the Earth’s atmosphere act as “greenhouse gases.”  These gases allow sunlight/energy to enter through earth’s atmosphere unrestricted.   When the light hits earth surface, part of it bounces back towards space as heat.  Greenhouse gases absorb the heat and trap it, much like a blanket, between earth and the atmosphere. The amount of energy sent from the sun should equal the same amount sent back as heat into space, leaving the earth temperature to remain...

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